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Leading SAAS Searching for Senior Full-Stack Developer & Project Lead

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Who We Are:

SixLeaf is the leading marketing platform for third party sellers on as well as a variety of other e-commerce marketplaces. We offer a suite of complete software solutions for brands, both big and small, selling online. These solutions significantly improve marketplace performance and profit for our clients. Simply: we help Brands become ecommerce empires.

Since 2014, our mission has beento help as many brands as possible scale to the point where they are household names. And our goal is to be the very best at it. Since 2014, we’ve established ourselves as the revolutionary innovators in a fast-paced industry. By helping quality brands grow, not only can we assist our clients to achieve their dreams, but we make the market a better place for consumers. Each member of our team shares in the joy and responsibility of making the ecommerce world a better place.

What We Are Looking For:

We are, essentially, looking for a Unicorn, and we understand this. We are searching for a capable, full-stack developer with leadership skills. Our project managers have superior coding capabilities because our projects are complex, and we aren’t looking for a project lead who only understands the lingo.

We need someone who can get into the codebase and get their hands dirty when necessary. The project lead will write the backlog and assign tasks to developers working on the project, but may also help correct complicated issues, and on particularly hairy deadlines, may also assist in coding.

We’re looking for a self-starter and a team player who is able to adapt to a rapidly growing and evolving organization in an industry that moves fast. We’re looking for a leader who can act as a multiplier and makes others around them better through automation, code review, documentation, mentoring when necessary, and who can lead a small team confidently. We’re looking for a true software owner who genuinely cares about the impact our platform makes on the client and their Brand. And we’re looking for the naturally curious developer who doesn’t just accept engineering challenges - they embrace challenges and seek them out.

Why Work With Us?

SixLeaf was originally founded in 2014 as ZonBlast - a tool which completely revolutionized the Amazon marketing space. In the last 4 years, we’ve grown exponentially, have been featured at major industry events, on podcasts, and have proudly served thousands of Brand owners. We’ve had the honor of having a direct hand in taking entrepreneurs from mere idea to 7+ figure Brands.

As a team, we consider working for our early-stage tech startup a lifetyle choice, rather than a job choice. Working for SixLeaf can be challenging at times. We operate in a competitive and fast moving industry, so we need to hit aggressive deadlines and there are many times when everyone on the team puts in a lot more hours than they are used to. You’ll work hard but you’ll face exciting challenges that allow you to put your mark on the world.

As an important part of the SixLeaf team, you’ll be responsible for creating innovative tools that help turn our client’s Brands’ into e-commerce empires. You’ll design beautifully simple yet effective solutions that, once released, will provide measurable and direct impact clients’ businesses.

As a valued SixLeaf team member, you’ll:

Learn Something New: It is very unlikely you’ve ever worked on a project quite like this. You’ll be exposed to a fascinating and challenging new world where you will be learning about an incredibly exciting industry that is still in its infancy. You will immediately make a difference and impact on SixLeaf, its customers, and this industry.

Make More Money: To put it bluntly; we are generous. As a startup, we don’t quite have each benchmark that determines bonus structures and pay increases set in stone yet, but we have consistently been extremely giving. We’ve given a bonus each year for the “Christmas” season. We’ve given raises after each 90-day probationary period. We also regularly increase pay based on exemplary performance.

Expand Your Skillset:

You’ll be exposed to developers around the world who each bring a unique set of skills to the table. You’ll also be learning the intricacies of a relatively new industry to the SAAS space, which will require expansion on current knowledge. Overall, you will walk away from this job a more capable and productive individual having learned from the best in the industry.

At SixLeaf, and as a fully distributed team, we value respect, transparency, dedication, and innovation. We honor our respective team-members strengths by promoting collaboration.

In addition, we offer:

Generous pay, benefits, and performance-based bonuses

Generous paid time off policy

Ability to work remotely in a fully distributed team connected by tools like Slack, Zoom, and more

Access to a growing library of industry-specific educational material that will help you deliver the best for our clients

Flexible results-driven schedule

A team that has cares immeasurably about the results it provides for clients. We take what we do seriously. We know that the results we obtain for clients by way of the software you will help create and improve have direct impacts on entrepreneurs’ businesses, families, and lives. Though we may be distributed, the common drive and connection we all have rivals even

What We Need:
Developers are some of the brightest and most amazing people on the planet. However, they can also tend to overcomplicate things. Often, if you ask a developer to turn on a light, he’ll try to build a machine using complex algorithms and a system of wires to engage the light mechanism from their side of the room rather than just walk over to the switch and flip it.

What we need is a project lead that brings balance between genius ideas and common sense solutions. Someone who is nimble, cross-disciplinary, and mindful of client needs. Someone who embraces being a key player in the leadership team. And someone who is results-driven, focused on problem-solving and who can act as a multiplier in any team. If you are an out of the box thinker who loves to invent creative ways to solve problems while also seeing the simplest path, this may be for you.

If you aren’t afraid of hard work and want to be a part of a growing team hell-bent on taking over an entire niche, we may be a fit for each other.

Job Summary:

SixLeaf is searching for a skilled and experienced Information Systems Senior Developer and Project Lead. The ideal candidate will be a quick learner and creative problem solver. We are looking for someone that understands the technologies we use and can follow instructions. However, we also hope this individual can innovate and present more efficient ways to implement our technologies when possible. This candidate should also have management or team lead experience.

Aside from skills, the ideal candidate will also be passionate; about software development, learning new systems and platforms, and about what we do at SixLeaf. We are a rapidly growing force in our industry and hope to find team members as invested in our growth as we are in them.

Who You Are:

Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science or 6+ years working experience with a portfolio of work

Must be familiar with Git Branching and Agile design practices

Thorough understanding of C#, MVS, and N-Tier design methodologies

Superior English written and verbal communication skills

Experience working with APIs. (Special consideration given to candidates with experience in Amazon APIs)

Minimum 1 year experience as Project Manager, Project Lead or equivalent management position

What You'll Use:
Proficiency will be expected with a number of vital tools, services, and frameworks including:

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Team Services

Several Amazon APIs


Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft SharePoint

Slack (team communication)

Asana (Task Management)


MVC / MVVM Modeling

N-Tier Architecture




Database / SQL





JQuery / Javascript

Telerik KendoUI

RAZOR View Syntax

What You’ll Do

Become knowledgeable of the full range of company services to better understand our client’s needs. The impact we’ve made in our clients’ Brands can be measured well into 8 figures and perhaps surpassing 9 figures. As an integral team-member, you’ll quickly gain an understanding as to how substantially we’ve impacted ecommerce.

Interact with customers to better meet their unique needs in growing their Brand. Our customers are the driving force behind how we started, where we are today, and where we’re going. Their mission is therefore your number one priority.

Interact with stakeholders to understand their vision of the platforms user interface. Senior leadership have the unique experience of first being Brand owners, and second being leaders of our SixLeaf. We have a unique perspective and we engage with other Brand owners daily. The SixLeaf DNA is premised on our stakeholders unique position in the industry.

Interact with team members to ensure they have a clear vision of how to implement features from the active backlog. As a project lead, you’ll master an agile environment that is results-driven.

Work with developers on active code branches to make sure they are collaborating and implementing changes, and you’ll facilitate team strategy and implementation of customer needs-driven innovation

Write backlog for development team for specific projects, and aggressively go after outcomes of that backlog

Remain current on all up and coming Microsoft driven technologies and standards, and embrace implementation and testing of exciting new technologies that fit into the SixLeaf ecosystem

Remain current on industry trends, competitor’s services, and listen to other members of our team to uncover possibilities for new interface design strategies.

Make regular contact with Customer Support to evaluate bugs in our source as a follow-up to projects you have led.

Work with testers to ensure project features are released seamlessly and on time.

Utilize Visual Studio Team Services to log work activities, interact in our development workflows and help the team meet deadlines.

Utilize Visual Studio to interact with the codebase and make changes to the platform to implement the task in their work queue.

Schedule working time in the Visual Studio Team Services environment.

Define reasonable time estimates for all task/stories.

Be sure all development staff members have properly reported their available time in Visual Studio Team services.

Be sure all code branches and databases are kept in sync and properly committed by the standards of procedure defined within this document.

Sound Like You?

To apply, please submit your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and cover letter explaining why you believe you’re that Unicorn we’re looking to fill in this position. While we won’t be able to apply to every applicant, if you feel like you’re a great match for the SixLeaf team, we’ll be in touch within 3-5 business days. We look forward to hearing from you.

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