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Senior Backend Developer with PHP (Homeoffice / flexible)

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php backend back-end angular symfony rest senior scala git dba agile

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This is a full-time remote position, we accept applications from anywhere in the world.

>> Check out our job video and our careers page to see if we would be a good fit.<<

At Digistore24 we develop software that has an impact on thousands of small and medium sized businesses every day. If you are man of action who loves to work in a small, family-like team and who has the passion and work ethic to develop great software products, we are the right fit for you.

We are one of the fastest growing software companies in Europe. Our core platform is an automation solution developed by a small and extremely competent team. It provides a complete infrastructure to over 100.000 entrepreneurs to build a scalable online business with millions of customers.

The Job

We are looking for an experienced back-end developer with high motivation and a keen interest in our business use case. You know a good deal about PHP and Sympfony, you are able to think and read into complex topics and - if you get stuck, ask the right people the right questions - proactively.

In addition, you are able to design meaningful solutions to problems within short time. Last but not least, you understand which systems your project is involved in, and make sure that interactions with these systems are stable and reliable. You should also bring with you:

The Benefits

If you bring that to the table and identify with our culture, you are welcome as a valuable member of our team. We are looking for long-term relationships and we try to get you into the project that suits you the most.

We give so that you can contribute. If that scares you off, very well - then you do not make a bad investment and either do we. If you like our approach, then we would be really happy to hear from you.

Your Application

We do not want to assess your skills and motivation solely based on diplomas and certificates. Show us what you did. We are interested in all projects of your previous occupations, own projects, your code on Github, etc.

Please send your application via our jobs page and upload your resume (PDF) as well as all the work samples you think are necessary.

When everything goes well, we will get back to you and have a short phone call. The next steps will be:

If you have questions concerning this position, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

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