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Digital applications developer in international development

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Do you want to use your development skills for good? Would you like to be part of an employee-managed non-hierarchical organisation for social benefit? If so, join us!

In short

What we're looking for
At Aptivate we don’t have job titles. We are generalists with cross-cutting skills and responsibilities, and most of us specialise in a few areas, for example, software development, project management or design. We often change roles depending on what needs doing and how a team is made up. We are all responsible for the organisation's well-being. There’s currently nine of us and we often find that we need more capacity to work in a development role.

We are looking for a generalist, with digital application development skills. However, this is more than just a development role. At Aptivate we are equally responsible for setting and working towards our mission. You would have equal ownership and responsibility over Aptivate and become part of what makes it work.

Skills we're in need of:
We are looking for someone who has skills in full-stack web application development. We'd expect at least two years experience in web development, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a backend framework. We'd also expect knowledge of common development tools such as Git, experience using Unix-like systems and some experience with automated testing.

Our favourite framework is Django although we sometimes use Drupal, WordPress, CKAN or other frameworks when appropriate. We would expect you to have experience with a web application framework such as Django or Rails. Django is of particular interest to us.

Although we sometimes create simple websites most of our work is web applications that involve backend business logic, database access, and integration with other applications so we would expect you to have experience writing that kind of application.

It probably goes without saying but you should be able to write clean maintainable code, be keen to learn, be self-motivated, and have good communication skills.

Bonus points for:

What will you be doing?
Our clients are charities, NGOs and governments who are working in international development. We only take on work which we feel is worthwhile and contributes in some way to our vision of empowering people to have a say about decisions that affect them.

You will work on a variety of projects with different technology requirements. Our projects sometimes entail a project manager, UX designer and multiple developers. We prefer it when that happens. But sometimes it might be just you. We typically have several projects on the go at once and you may be involved with more than one.

Projects often start with discovery workshops to understand user needs, develop personas, and build a prioritised backlog of User Stories. Iterative development follows with regular deployments, feedback and retrospectives. Daily check-ins with clients by video call keep everyone on the same page. The team do whatever it takes to get the User Stories to Done: project setup, analysis, database design, back-end coding, front end coding, HTML and CSS. You’ll be involved in all aspects.

We’re all generalists. You will regularly participate in things outside the developer role, including:

We make important decisions about the organisation together by consensus and you will participate in this process, helping us to improve and develop our working practices. You will be invited to become a director of the organisation following a successful appraisal period.

About the role
It is possible to work from either our Cambridge or Brighton offices. For the right candidate we will consider remote or home based candidates who can working within, or close to UK hours 10am-6pm and who are available to easily travel to our offices and to monthly meetings in London. Remote workers would not need to attend all such meetings in person but will be encouraged to participate periodically in person.

How to apply
Please send us the following as PDF attachments:

You must be able to legally work in the UK (unless applying to work remotely). If you have any questions about the role or about Aptivate please contact us at

No recruiters or agencies, Thank you.

We believe people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. We are a not-for-profit digital agency focusing on IT in international development. We believe IT can empower, inform and connect people all over the world with positive developmental outcomes. We choose to work on projects that have positive social benefit. These frequently entail software, web and mobile application development. We also offer research, evaluations, training and other kinds of advisory and consultancy services.

We use agile practices in all our work; we open source the software we write and we use and promote participatory practices with our clients, with end-users, and internally. We are an equality-based non-hierarchical organisation; we make all our important decisions together, using consensus.

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

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