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Web Developer (PHP - Wordpress)

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Perch is a progressive design and development shop based in Little Rock, Arkansas. We're currently celebrating our 4th birthday (we just got through the terrible 2s/3s and are finally to the point that we're feeding ourselves and only intermittently wetting the bed…). The core of what we do is designing and developing beautiful things for humans. That translates to everything from marketing websites, UI/UX design, web apps, and a little bit of everything in between. Our clients range from startups to mom-and-pop shops to mid- to large-sized companies. Ultimately, we do all things web in order to serve the needs of our clients. We have a roster of great clients, but we’ve felt the pinch as both us and our clients have grown.

That’s where you come in.


Who, What, Why: We're not unicorn hunters, but…

We're looking for a remote, experienced developer whose primary skills are in Wordpress/PHP. The vast majority of our projects are built using Wordpress, so this is a core, must-have, demonstrable skill. Most of our projects have a pretty significant amount of custom back-end and database work, so we need more than just a really great front-end dev who knows how to build Wordpress sites.


Here’s the thing, front-end developers — we've got nothing but love for you. We really do. No doubt, we very much need someone with an eye for and proficiency in front-end development, but it's not the *primary* skillset we need.


Dare we use the elusive "full-stack developer" word here… Here's the thing: we're not searching for a unicorn or a mythical creature in the forest, but we do certainly need a developer who has a handle on all facets of the development process: from server management to databases to interacting/using APIs to both front- and back-end development. We know there's a lot of awesome devs out there who possess these skills (because we've had some that have been been part of our team!) and that's what we're looking for now.


Small Shop, Big Perks

From the very beginning of Perch, we’ve really focused on creating a company culture where people want to work. One of the ways we do that is by providing some pretty sweet perks. Here’s a few of the biggies:

(Here's some fine print: If you're looking for health benefits or a 401k, we're not quite there in terms of the life of our company. BUT…we think some of the other perks we offer help to sweeten the deal.) 


The Basics: Required Skills/Qualifications


Day-to-day: What You’d Actually Be Doing


When you Apply

This is your opportunity to stand out. Please let us know you care. We’re a small team, so finding someone we can relate to and feel good about working alongside makes a huge difference. And knowing you actually want this position is a big bonus.

If that’s you, please submit the following:

Job Perks: Fridays off (yep, a 32-hour work week) • You pick compensation: 2% bonus in December (first year) OR 2% added to salary (on hire) • Generous time-off policy • New MacBook Pro • Work from anywhere • No meticulous time-tracking (woo hoo!)


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