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Marketing lead

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We’re growing, and it’s time to hire a marketing director! Right now, our founder is overseeing marketing. We need an experienced, tech savvy marketing director with load of ecommerce experience to join our team and take charge of coordinating PPC, content, social media, promotions and more, keeping our brand messaging absolutely on point, as well as building out the right marketing support team. We want to get some explosive growth happening!

We are a breast pump company with several ecommerce sites. We focus primarily on digital marketing strategies. Our products are industry leading and we have lots of new products in development. Our focus is absolute 100% focus on outstanding customer care and support. Commitment to brand adhesion and messaging that reflects our top priority (our customers!) is fundamental to all our marketing efforts. We need you to understand either already, or ASAP, that helping more mothers give their babies breastmilk reduces stress in new moms, improves infant health and just generally makes the world a better place

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What it’s like to work with us

We’ve grown from humble beginnings in 2011 as a small ecommerce brand to a team on the verge of big growth. We’re now delving into innovative product development and need to really up our game and get some great specialists on board.

We are a remote team of 15 people. We’re committed to maintaining a flexible, results orientated workplace. We need you to truly care about our success. Women make up about 80% of our team, which is heavily weighted towards customer service, and we have team members in UK, US, Philippines, Australia and more. We are a bootstrapped, cash flow positive business in a position now to really take it to the next level.

We’re friendly, enthusiastic, and we’re building products that truly help people.

About this role

This is an ONGOING role for a high level individual who will take ownership longterm of marketing. Not suitable for ‘freelancer mentality’ – this is a highly integrated team position working with and supervising others.

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