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Inbound Sales Manager (Remote)

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Headquarters: New York, NY


This position is remote. You can work from anywhere in North America if you're always available on East Coast business hours and have a home office (not digital nomad).

No application phone calls or emails, please. We only accept resumes via our jobs website.


In short:


Be our next Inbound Sales Manager.

Museum Hack is a multi-million dollar business that is growing quickly. We employ 50+ scientists, nerds, museum employees, salesmen, zookeepers, copywriters, and actors. Our product is based around renegade museum tours. They regularly get 5-star reviews in NYC, Chicago, SF, DC, and LA.

We’re looking for an ambitious seller with 3-5 years selling and sales team management experience to become our Inbound Sales Manager. You’ll be a major part of helping Museum Hack grow with our innovative corporate clients. Companies like Google, Lego, LinkedIn, and Citi Bank regularly hire us for their company offsites.

The Inbound Sales Manager will primarily coach our fully-remote team of Client Advisors. You and your team will be responsible for all of our many, many inbound sales. After you gain expertise and product knowledge, you’ll help us us think about new offerings, develop ways to make our happiest customers even happier with repeat experiences, and cultivate referrals and new customers.

If you’ve been managing a few salespeople at a company you don’t love, or selling a product you don’t want to use, and now you are looking to break out into a new job with new opportunity... then please apply! Step into a leadership and management role at Museum Hack to help us promote our 5-star rated renegade museum experiences with the world.









Museum Hack is a creative company that offers irreverent, renegade museum tours and cultural offsites to corporate and private clients. Founded in 2013 and having grown to $2.3 million in sales in 2016, Museum Hack has uplifted the lives of tens of thousands of new museum guests. We work at renowned institutions and quirky locations in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles to bring these innovative experiences to companies and groups.

 For a good overview, see our founder's TEDx talk from 2+ years ago:

 Museum Hack has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, PBS, TimeOut New York, Huffington Post, TEDx, and more. Beloved clients include celebrities, schools, industry groups, and many innovative companies like Google, Lego, LinkedIn, and Citi Bank.


You’re a creative and ambitious person with experience in sales, management, and doing what it takes to build a company. You have real B2B or enterprise sales experience.

You live in the United States (with proper work authorization) and you're readily available during East Coast working hours. You have a home office and have proven, successful experience working remotely. This is not a position for digital nomads.

Important: You must have prior management experience in sales, with direct reports whom you had hire / fire responsibility and gave coaching and reviews to.


No application phone calls or emails, please. We only accept resumes via our jobs website.

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