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Director of Marketing

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


At Dataquest, we teach data science to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. We help students deeply learn concepts, build projects, and gain the confidence to start new careers. We're all self-taught engineers, data scientists, and marketers, and we're eager to help others take the same journey that we did. Read more about our philosophy here, and read what students think here.

We're a bootstrapped team of 11 people, and we've been growing quickly since we launched 2.5 years ago.

We're looking for a director of marketing who can help increase awareness of Dataquest, our teaching method, and the successes of our students.

This includes:

Our content drives almost all of our signups in one way or another right now. We write long, high-quality posts on data science topics on our blog, which result in referral and search traffic, shares, and signups. Our blog gets around 200k unique visitors per month. We like content marketing because it enables us to show students our teaching methods and add value before they start learning with us.

We're looking for someone who can continue our content marketing efforts, but also develop new channels. We currently run ads and have partnerships, but we think there's significant room to expand both of these channels.

We're also interested in the idea of marketing through tools, features, and the courses themselves. Examples would be referral features, widgets that can be embedded in external websites, and encouraging students to create personal blogs and review Dataquest. It's important for you to be able to define the key metrics to optimize and have a framework to figure out what channels have the highest ROI.

There's substantial latitude and room to define the role and how it grows. You'll be able to do everything from setting our marketing strategy to experimenting with ads to thinking of product features. This role will be one of the most critical roles in our company, and will drive a significant amount of what we work on.

An ideal candidate will have:

In this role, you'll be able to see your impact on our students daily. We hear from students who have been able to finish projects they never dreamed of (usually involving machine learning), who have been hired into exciting new jobs, or who just mastered a concept they never were able to "get" in school.

Although you don't need to be technical for this role, understanding some data science and SQL is a major plus. Having analyzed data in the past is a must.

This role can be either fully remote or onsite in San Francisco. The salary range is $80k USD - $120k USD per year.

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