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Freelance Writers, Simplify Legalese

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We’re looking for reliable, talented freelance writers who love writing about a wide range of topics, including legal topics.

Most of our work is on legal topics. All topics related to legal are entry-level and not at an academic level.

You’ll be writing about everything from why a certain legal contract is required for a business to writing a checklist article of best tools to use for an e-commerce store to increase sales.


About The Work

Our articles are often 1000+ words, generally around 2,000 words. Some articles are beyond 10,000 words.

We understand the value of quality content. We’re not looking for plain text articles, but well-researched articles to educate our customers: articles with images, links, quotes from research papers, expert’s quotes etc.

We’re not looking to game search engines, but rather educate our customers about the legal contracts they’re searching for. We aim to be a teacher to our customers.

We are looking for writers available of a minimum of one day/week. We have as much work as you can handle. We don’t micro-manage.

We are very clear on what we want for every article. We provide topics with a proposed structure including due dates and the minimum required length. There is sometimes communication back and forth during the revision session. But for the most part: you write the article, turn it in, we review and ask for edits if necessary and then publish it.

Writers get paid every other week, in US dollars by PayPal.

Depending on where we’ll publish your work, and for as much as can, we’ll show your bio byline to give you author credits.


Job Requirements

It’s a major plus if you have any of the following:


How Do We Work?

We work remotely. We generally don’t need to sync time zones. And we work mainly in Google Docs, over chat and email.


How To Apply?

Please send an email to with:

Please format your subject line as follows: Your Name | Freelance Writer (example: John Doe | Freelance Writer).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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