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Software Test / Release Engineer

Added Jan 11 from StackOverflow Careers

chef software engineer ansible python git ux linux crypto security distributed engineer

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Pioneering advancements in blockchain technology infrastructure, Blockstream is the leading company extending Bitcoin at the protocol level to support a broad range of new asset types and financial markets. Blockstream supports values of decentralization, privacy, end-to-end security, user control, and open, permissionless innovation. 

We are looking for an experienced and detail-oriented software test engineer to improve the tools and processes we use to test our software and produce secure builds. We take security very seriously. This is not a peripheral role.

In this role, you will work with Blockstream’s software engineers, security experts, and cryptographers to extend our reputation as a world-class provider of secure, hardened systems.




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Pioneering advancements in cryptocurrencies, open assets and smart contracts, Blockstream is the first company extending capabilities at the protocol level to support the application of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a broad range of asset types. Sidechains, the extension mechanism of Bitcoin, allow expansion of Bitcoin’s feature set in an open and interoperable way. A champion of Bitcoin’s ethos, Blockstream supports decentralization, end-to-end security, user control and open, permissionless innovation.

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