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Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco

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frontend devops designer crypto security sales engineer

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Vulpos | Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco | FULL-TIME | ONSITE or REMOTE | Frontend developer, Blockchain (Solidity) Developer, Designer, DevOps Engineer, Sales Rep, Growth Hacker | $40K - $240K depending on position + Token Payment
Vulpos is building the future of living by enabling you to share homes around the world.
Remote work and travel trends lead to the fact that millennials are not buying homes anymore. At the same time, rents are rising and staying in Airbnb’s or hotels can be very expensive and boring.
We created a cryptocurrency token specifically designed to solve this problem for you.
We created a hybrid decentralized model that allows people to trade real-estate access peer-to-peer on a timeshare based model all while ensuring maximum security on assets held.
As a holder of the token you can use it to stay in apartments or homes for a short stay or to live in for years. Our model enables you to access 5 homes around the world at the same price you are paying for your rental.
Imagine the flexibility of Airbnb with the level of consistency and service of a high-end serviced luxury apartment long-term rental.
You will join a team of execution-minded people with a proven track record and a commitment to change the world for the better. You will be a part of a stellar team with experience in A+ tech companies (FB, Uber) and Ivy League grads.
We’re on a solid track with our pre-sale with select investors and our public ICO will launch in March.
Are you interested in working on this project or do you have any questions, let me know on my direct email admo [at] 


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