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RedElastic Inc.

Agile Project Manager

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RedElastic is looking for an experienced contract-based Project Manager to help us build, motivate, and coach exceptional Agile delivery teams. We're looking for a leader, coach, and mentor. The ideal candidate will apply an existing body of knowledge to the opportunities and challenges of leading teams of consultants, while leveraging their original ideas to drive incredible business results. The Project Manager will be a champion and voice of our client’s users, acting as product evangelist internally and externally. With such a wide range of responsibilities comes the opportunity to create a huge impact in the world of technology.

What you will do day-to-day:


RedElastic is a small company without the bureaucracy of traditional consulting firms. We didn't start RedElastic to grow into yet another giant consulting company, we started RedElastic to create a home for the top talent in Canada so we could all build a brand we're proud of. We're very selective about who we hire, and even more selective about the client work we take on. This means you'll have a direct impact on the type of work we do as a team together.

The benefits of working at RedElastic:

This role requires working with expert-level technologists across time zones, languages, and cultures; listening, understanding, and negotiating will be key components of your day-to-day activities, all while spreading knowledge to all stakeholders. This role will best fit someone who is strongly self-motivated, empathetic, and an A+ listener and communicator. You will be the heartbeat of our team.

Your skills and qualifications:

RedElastic is a software consulting firm specializing in full-stack development, distributed computing, and big data. Our mission is to change the face of consulting. We're bringing the best and brightest developer talent in Canada under one roof in order to work on the most interesting problems in computing. If you have an interest in distributed systems and machine learning, along with the desire to work on challenging projects in order to take us both to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

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