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Core Data

C++ experts for cryptocurrency projects -- all time zones

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Core Data has an opening for four (4) experienced senior-level C++ programmers to add to our EU-based remote work team. Developers in this team will focus on writing logic for various backend components related to the cryptocurrency realm. Core Data uses a 24/7 development model where projects are actively worked on in shifts in a continuous cycle, and thus positions are available for qualified applicants in all time zones. Candidates selected for this position will work under a full-time independent contractor relationship with our EU-based division. Examples of product lines which applicants may work on include: a from-scratch cryptocurrency exchange, a cryptocurrency mining pool, and creation of an entirely new cryptocurrency which provides new features not currently satisfied by existing tokens.

For this position, emphasis is placed on the applicant's ability to produce solutions with minimal outside help. As this is a senior-level position, all applicants are expected to be able to write the required applications from start to finish, including design of any database queries or tables. Design specifications will be provided for each project prior to commencement. While actual programming ability is one of the key requirements of this position, applicants for this senior-level posting are expected to show initiative and take a practical approach towards solving real-world problems.

Examples of technologies we commonly use:

Applicants with work experience in one or more of the following areas will be given priority:

As a pre-screening question, please explain in your cover letter / email what the 'virtual' keyword does in C++ and what the difference would be if a class function/method is declared with and without it. Messages that omit this may be removed from consideration.  This is done so that we can focus on applicants who have taken the time to provide a well-thought response to our icebreaker question.

Core Data is a data and statistics provider with an emphasis on low-latency, real-time data products.  Core Data's product lineup is the backbone of a variety of innovative solutions in a variety of business realms.  The company is currently expanding into various cryptocurrency-related interests, such as mining, trading, and exchange.

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