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Front Porch

Front-End Developer (Maker of clean and intuitive web interfaces)

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Front Porch is looking for a skilled Front-End Developer (local or remote) to work on a brand new user interface for our recently acquired Get More Math product. Get More Math was developed by a math teacher to provide cumulative, personalized learning for every student and promote long-term retention. You will be working with a small, agile team on the interface that teachers use to manage their classes. You will be expected to write quality code and provide quick, effective feedback to the team while identifying and implementing best-practices.

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We have a small team with a big passion for solving problems. For many years we worked on solutions for ISPs that included a network device with our own custom driver written in C. In the last couple of years we've worked on a photo sharing app for Android and iOS (memigo) along with a cloud based messaging platform for hotels, coffee shops and ISPs. Most recently we've shifted most of our focus to a newly acquired product called Get More Math which helps students learn and retain math concepts. As we've transitioned from one project to another, we've faced many challenges and have had many opportunities to learn new technologies and look for the best solutions to the problems we're trying to solve. Our team works very well together and is dedicated to success of each other.

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