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Blackbird Studios

San Francisco

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node rails mobile react full stack rest consul android ios swift git

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Blackbird Studios | San Francisco | Onsite or Remote | Fulltime or Parttime contract to hire
Blackbird Studios is a full service digital product studio. We specialize in a holistic approach inspired by HCD and Lean. Services include CTO consulting, product strategy, engagement strategy, UX/UI, and development plus long term BML iterations and maintenance. We work with large and small companies/startups on projects ranging from 1-6 months with 2-6 people on each project.
We build full stack web, mobile, physical installations, etc. Our favorite stack is react/redux, GraphQL, Elixir/Phoenix (although frequently Rails, Node, etc), and React Native. We also use a wide range of other tech as needed since we face a pretty diverse set of challenges. Recent and upcoming examples: .Net, C++/Qt, embedded Linux, Native iOS/Swift, Native Android/Kotlin.
Working at Blackbird is very different from larger product companies. We operate in very strategic relationships with our clients which gives us a unique opportunity every few months to deep dive into a new interesting understanding of our client's business and build ground up new apps where everyone is making major and early contributions.
I am a founder so ask me anything! We're looking in particular for: lead level in San Francisco, mid/sr level devs anywhere, C++, iOS, and full stack but if there are other aspects of what we do that interest you definitely still hit me up!
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