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rails postgres full-stack api aws go heroku

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Happity | REMOTE (UK-BASED) | FLEXIBLE | Cash and or Equity | Techn Lead |
Happity is a family friendly startup with a big mission. We’re looking for a talented lead dev to join us on our journey, helping new parents escape loneliness on the days spent as sole carer for a young child. (NB - I posted this on last month's thread stating a modest salary range, but due to the calibre of candidates we're getting I'm reposting to make it explicit that this is also open to entrepreneurial CTO-types who are more interested in equity).
About Us:
60% of mums go a whole day without adult interaction and a staggering 90% of new mums* admit to feeling lonely. Yet there is a plethora of baby and toddler friendly activities on their doorstep waiting to be discovered. Singing, comedy, dancing - did you know there’s even a bring-your-baby coding class? Happity helps parents to find and book these activities. Fast.
We facilitate these transactions and offer an holistic bookings platform for class providers. The beta site launched in a pocket of South East London and rapidly grew to over 5,000 monthly users.
We are looking for an experienced developer who'll take on ownership over the tech function of the business, building a cutting-edge platform managing real-time bookings with social features.
We're a startup that fully embraces both the benefits and challenges of remote, flexible working and is passionate about promoting gender equality and parenting rights for dads. We’re open to considering part-time work and discussing compensation based on your circumstances. We have raised pre-seed funding and the backing of Ignite Accelerator.
If you'd like to learn more, feel free to drop me a line: sara [at]
I look forward to hearing from you.
Current Stack: Rails, Postgres, AWS, Heroku
(* this is a problem that affects dads too - there just aren't any stats on it yet!)
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