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Software Dev

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frontend front-end docker react ansible aws aurora engineer front end beanstalk

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HealthPrize | Software Dev | Norwalk, CT | REMOTE Full-time | | $110k-150k + equity
At HealthPrize, we are changing the way people think about their medication and their health! Our growth is being fueled by work with leading brands in life sciences such as Abbott, Walgreens, and Gilead. Join the close-knit engineering team that designs & develops our industry leading patient engagement platform and work with us to measurably improve the state of healthcare globally.
Frontend Hypewords: Vue.js/Vuex/Vuetify, Webpack (for our reference impl. but we use other PWA stacks too - React is next up now that it's under MIT)
Systems Hypewords: AWS (multi-region deployments), Ansible, Beanstalk, Docker, Aurora, HIPAA/PCI Compliance
Front End Web Developer:
Lead Systems Engineer:
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