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Grapple Media

Full-Stack Developer

Added Dec 06 from HackerNews

javascript node java html nlp full-stack rest api intern python sql

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Grapple Media | Full-Stack Developer | New York City | INTERNS | PART TIME | REMOTE or ONSITE
Grapple is building an NLP system to classify news and recognize fake or malicious content on blogs or social media websites. We're a young startup company working to push the envelope of available technology to handle news and information. We are flexible on hours.
As part of our development team, you'll be building and testing NLP classification tools used to sort through news content in new ways and help victims of fake news more quickly identify its source and trajectory.
You care about creating very powerful software that challenges the status quo and putting it into an elegant and accessible user interface.
We're looking for help from developers with the following experience:
- Python, JavaScript, Node.JS, HTML
- NoSQLdatabases /MongoDB
- VCS (Github and Gitlab)
- Web scraping tools, incl. Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, Selenium
- API experience
Email relevant experience, interest level in the "fake news" and misinformation problem, and repositorys/open source projects to john {at}
More info on us at
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