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Full Stack JavaScript Developer

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javascript node java react full stack senior scala dba

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Higglers | Full Stack JavaScript Developer | Full Time | London (no remote) | £40 - £75K (based on experience) & Equity
What is Higglers
Higglers is an online supplier management platform that streamlines and automates administrative activities for both events and their suppliers. In a nutshell, we are building a platform that will make events (festivals, street markets, farmers markets) easier to organise and have an ambitious plan for how we are going to become a market leading business within the industry.
Our business model has been tried and tested with multiple festivals and farmers markets receiving great feedback, we already have multiple festivals and farmers markets signed up to use the platform when it launches.
As a company, we have already completed our seed investment round and have secured over £100K of funding. The investment is being used to form the foundations of the company; allowing us to build a platform that is scalable, find a world-class team and ensure we have the time to build a service that will exceed our client’s expectations.
The platform is being built using Javascript, Node.Js, Express, React and Redux, and we require an experienced software developer to join the team and take over the software development from the software development agency that we are currently using and contribute significantly to the software and system design of our platform.
What we are looking for
Looking for a senior full stack developer to lead up the software development team at Higglers. Looking for an individual who has the potential to grow into a CTO.
If interested please send an email to
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