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Site Reliability Engineer

Added Dec 05 from HackerNews

javascript ruby rails java devops chef api senior intern ansible aws

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Rails Machine | Site Reliability Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | Hiring Junior to Senior Levels
As a Site Reliability Engineer at Rails Machine, your primary goals will be to ensure our customer’s applications are available, fast, and secure. Our customers need the best service, support, and products, and we need you to help us deliver.
Rails Machine provides managed application, hosting, and infrastructure options on our own hardware in multiple data centers and on top of AWS, and give our customers the ability to reach out to us like they would an internal DevOps team!
You’ll work with virtualization and container technologies, and setup and automate high availability data clusters. You'll help layer management, orchestration, monitoring, and alerting for fleets of instances. If you’ve ever wanted to work at a scale that few companies do, you’ll find the right challenge here at Rails Machine!
Minimum Qualifications :
* Proficient in Ruby with additional experience in C/C++, Python, Elixir, Java, or JavaScript preferred
* Experience with config management (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Capistrano)
* Experience maintaining production infrastructure on a Linux environment
* Strong DevOps experience and customer service skills
* Ability to participate in on-call/pager rotation
* U.S. Residents Only
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