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Voiteq Ltd

Contractors required with full stack skills to work on modern .NET & SQL server

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Job description

Voiteq is looking for strong engineers to join our team on a 3-month fixed term contract, working on a range of apps for our software serving the logistics industry. We build apps that use voice-directed work solutions, so there's lots of interesting ways to get involved with working with voice and wearable computers. Analytics is a big part of our business, so any experience working with data warehousing or dashboard tools is a plus.

We are doing more with Android, developing voice recognition apps for use with wearable devices. As a Microsoft Partner we have access to the latest dev tools and platforms for dev and test.

You'll be working as part of cross-functional agile teams, to help to deliver our product roadmap. We have decades of domain experience in-house and we'll use that to help build better products. We use Jira to manage our user stories and take other bits from scrum, like regular standups, code reviews and planning poker sessions.


Good code is important. We do regular code reviews and run our internal projects on light-touch scrum. We spend the time to get things right. We've invested a lot of effort in our build and deployment tools, using stuff like Jenkins and Octopus and we're moving towards a DevOps way of working. 

Remote Working

We're happy to offer remote working for the right candidates, but would like you to be available to come to a UK office when required, possibly 2-3 times a month.

Learning and Tools

All our developers get a Pluralsight subscription and are expected to make use of it to keep their skills up to date. We believe in giving devs the right tools; all have a DevExpress Ultimate susbcription, i5/i7 workstations with 16gb+ of memory, SSDs and dual widescreen monitors.

Skills & Requirements

Nearly all the products we buy come from a warehouse. The logistics industry is a low-profile giant; it employs 1 in 12 jobs in the UK.

Voiteq makes products and services to make logistics businesses more efficient in their warehouse operations. 

Our core business adds intelligence into existing warehousing operations, getting workers away from carrying bits of paper around to receiving instructions on a voice device. Through process engineering we have made companies like Kellogg's up to 40% more efficient in their warehousing picking operations.

Privately owned, we have a strong internal dev team. Many of our staff are long-serving and have been here since the formation of the company in 2000. We have an open environment, with regular standups and code reviews. We have flexible working arrangements, and are happy to have people work from home when appropriate.

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