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Community Support & Safety Associate

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qa ios engineer

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Couchsurfing is hiring a Community Support Associate. In this role, you’ll be the voice of Couchsurfing, supporting members who have questions or are reporting issues on the site. Your calm, super-friendly and professional demeanor in written communication will be one of your greatest assets. Requests will range from “how-tos” to complicated technical issues to questions about personal safety, and your analytical and comprehension abilities will help you decipher what is happening and how to best reach a resolution.

Your curiosity and attention to detail will help you learn the ins and outs of the Couchsurfing product and will help you troubleshoot technical issues. You are articulate, compassionate, well-organized and self-motivated.

This position is remote from your home. The position is shift-based with a variety of shifts.

We are looking to hire someone to work 20 hours / week on the following fixed schedule:



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