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Advertising Manager

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Headquarters: Completely Remote


Hello—we’re Trialfacts, a remote entrepreneurial company, and without us, a lot of medical research would not be possible. We’re searching for an Advertising Manager to help our our team solve our clients’ biggest problem. If you’re looking for a position where you can set your own hours, take holidays as you see fit, work remotely from home, and help medical research succeed, then please read on.

Today’s highly sophisticated medical system has added nearly 20 years of life expectancy, reduced infant mortality by 90% and maternal mortality by 99%. Polio, leprosy, smallpox, and tuberculosis are practically eradicated, even in the poorest countries in the world. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but a big part of what’s been achieved is due to new medications, medical devices and understanding developed through clinical research.

Our clients – medical research organizations, are working hard to continue to develop treatments and devices, increase our understanding, eradicate sickness and improve quality of life. Their biggest challenge is spending half of their time searching for and never being able to recruit enough of the patients required for their clinical trials.

Our company – Trialfacts, removes the biggest hurdle and frustration to conducting their research, by recruiting the patients they require for their clinical trials, and many times thereby saving their research. We’re the only company in the industry to also do this in a predictable and reliable manner, by determining upfront exactly how many patients we can recruit, and backing that up with a money-back guarantee.

We’re looking for someone who can:

Advertise—You’ll need to create, manage and optimize our Facebook advertising campaigns and funnels. This includes strategy, persona creation, and complete ownership of the landing pages and multi-page forms we use to collect patient data.

Optimize—You’ll be managing our campaigns from end to end, and expected to continuously run experiments and evaluate new strategies, processes and technologies to continuously improve performance and CPA. You’ll be expected to contribute to ongoing process and systems improvement, to support reliable campaign performance forecasting, efficient campaign setup, and CPA improvement.

Learn—We’re looking for someone who’s driven to constantly update their advertising and marketing knowledge with the latest strategies and techniques. In addition to developing an in-depth understanding of clinical trials you’ll need to be able to rapidly develop a thorough understanding of each of our client’s clinical trials, their concerns, and then use that knowledge to create advertising collateral. If you’re intimidated by medical jargon then you need not apply.

Collaborate—We’re looking for someone who will provide leadership in our advertising process, works well with the rest of our operations team, and is not afraid of picking up the phone, calling a client, brainstorming and working towards a solution. An important part of this role is to ensure that our successful advertising campaigns are resulting in our client’s success - our advertising funnel is just the first step, and it’s critical that our clients are able to convert the patients we’re providing.

What’s in it for you:

Autonomy— We don’t have set working hours. We don’t have a holiday policy (you can take your holidays whenever you want). We don’t micromanage or babysit. You’ll be accountable to the rest of the team purely on your results, and not on the number of hours spent working.

Our team is remote (we communicate via Slack and Google Hangouts). We set our own hours based on what works for us and our clients. As long as you have a good internet connection and can overlap with our clients’ working hours, you can work from wherever you choose. You will need some flexibility to overlap some of your working hours with our team and clients.

Innovation— We’re the first and only company in our industry to guarantee our results. We’ve launched innovative patient recruitment strategies (e.g., our phone screening appointment system, researcher interviews) that provide predictability and certainty in a volatile industry, and we’re constantly improving our service.

We apply the same innovative approach to our patient advertising and recruitment process. We’re focused on streamlining client onboarding, client education, and gathering feedback from our clients, and we're always interested in what improvements we can gain from the latest and greatest software tools and technology.

Impact— Trialfacts plays an extremely important role in contributing to medical research and driving humanity forward. Our clients—researchers working at universities, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, natural medicine companies, hospitals and medical practices—work hard to develop treatments and technology that cure diseases and improve quality of life.

We are the only company that solves recruitment problems in a predictable and reliable way—our consistent, results-driven process makes us the only recruitment company that provides a money-back guarantee.

Growth— As a member of a small, entrepreneurial team you'll be exposed to many areas of the business. You'll be given the opportunity to learn many new skills and experiment in many new areas, as well as progress and build on what you already know. You'll be continuously testing and implementing new advertising and marketing strategies. You'll have access to courses, books and training programs paid for by Trialfacts.

Opportunity— We’re a rapidly growing company, 100% year-on-year via organic growth through repeat business, referrals and new clients. We're an innovative company in an industry ripe for disruption.

We offer a salary + results-based compensation package, and the possibility to grow into positions of additional responsibility and/or leadership in the future. The future looks optimistic as we continue to improve and expand on our core service.

This position is for you if you:

Are great at synthesizing information - whether it’s absorbing a client’s medical and research documents or analyzing vast amounts of data across multiple campaigns and funnel stages, you’ll need to be at home with receiving a high volume of input, honing in on what’s important, and efficiently moving forward.

Are able to create compelling advertising and landing pages - after synthesizing large amounts of information you need to be able to have a natural ability to be able to put yourself in the relevant person’s shoes to be able to create effective personas, advertising, landing pages and patient data collection forms.

Have a passion for testing and making data-driven decisions - there’s no doubt advertising requires a love of both data and testing. If you’re not comfortable with gathering, manipulating and interpreting data, and constantly testing everything, then please don’t apply.

Love learning - we're a team that's driven by learning and improving.  We're looking for someone who wants to continuously learn and develop as an advertiser and marketer, grow as a person and constantly improve the service that we provide. If you’re not excited about learning and always taking that next course, then this position is not a good fit for you.

Are highly organized - you'll be managing campaigns for many different clients, while also testing, creating and setting up new campaigns, and always learning more. If you're not highly organized and comfortable in a fast-paced environment then you're unlikely a good-fit for this role.

Look beyond the advertising campaigns - when a patient converts for us, this is just the first step in our client’s larger funnel. We need to optimize and align what we’re doing, to ensure that we’re getting the right kind of conversions for our clients. If you just want to run ad campaigns and not think about what happens to someone after they sign up, this position is not for you.

Have design skills (Canva, Photoshop or similar) - Creating a great experience is essential in marketing. You don’t need formal design experience, but if you don’t know how to make something look good using appropriate color, font and spacing choices, or even worse - don’t think it’s important, then this position is not for you.

Are proficient in HTML & CSS (any other coding languages are an asset) - Similar to the above, marketing today relies heavily on technology and automation. You don’t need any formal development experience but if you’re not comfortable with at least HTML & CSS, please don’t apply. Similarly, if you’re not the kind of person that loves testing out new tools and technology, this position is not a good fit.

Excel at written communication and are not afraid to pick up the phone - from landing page copy to communicating with clients via email, being able to write well is a must for any Trialfacts position. Being in a remote team, you must also be great at communicating, and if necessary be willing to pick up the phone and speak with our clients.

Are flexible - in an entrepreneurial business we sometimes have to wear different hats. We're looking for someone that takes ownership and wants to help grow our company. If you're the kind of person who would rather sit back and say "that's not my responsibility" then please don't apply.

Are results-driven - you will be coached and guided, but ultimately you will be responsible for your performance which will directly impact your compensation.

Are looking for a full-time position - we’re experiencing growth and we need someone who can fully commit to Trialfacts and get up to speed fairly quickly. We’re not looking for someone who wants to run their own part-time business or freelancing career on the side.

Yes, this position description is so long that it needs a summary! Here are the facts:

Interested in making a difference with us? Please follow the application instructions at the bottom of the full position description.

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