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QA! Come break us, we like it rough.

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Headquarters: The World


We fantasise about rough treatment. Someone with QA experience who can work our code to breaking point. Our Sugar Dating site's loved by thousands of users but too frequently they're the ones finding our flaws. Come help us beat them to the bugs!

You'll have an energetic, talented dev team to work with, who are eager for QA oversight. You'll be welcomed with open arms as an overdue hire. We'll wonder how we ever got by without you. At Secret Benefits there's no bureaucracy, come and create an entire QA process.

Besides your role in the dev process, you'll be the go-to when a user contacts support about something being broken. Your problem-solving skills will be stretched as you investigate. The first barrage of distressed emails you see when a bug makes it to the live site will be a good reminder of how important you are to the lives of thousands of people. There are plenty of sites that if broken, nobody would notice, this isn't one of them.

When you start you'll accept responsibility for bugs on the site. Although you're hard on the code, you'll be a soft communicator when breaking bad news to the devs about their mistakes. Your writing may not win a Pulitzer but you should be the type to carefully craft a bug report so that problem can't be misinterpreted. Because you've spent so much time using software, you'll have a good sense for when a feature could be improved. You've learned not to ignore your gut when it says 'something isn't right here.'

If you're an experienced QA looking to bring your talents somewhere they'll make a difference, and be appreciated, we'd love to hear from you.

We're a young, motivated team that's entirely remote and distributed globally. Sick of that commute, or reminding the in-person team that you're still alive? Here we're all in the same position. You dictate when and where you do the work -- fit it around your life without feeling guilty. 

To apply: To apply, please send your best proof of being able to help us to Hint: For those wanting to impress, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find a bug on our site to show us how you'd test and communicate it.

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