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Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions

Chief Technology Officer, X-Road

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We are seeking to recruit a Chief Technology Officer, X-Road for the NIIS to manage the development, verification, and audit of the source code and the administration of documentation, business and technical requirements of the X-Road.

The CTO will also assist NIIS management in developing and implementing principles of licensing and distribution of the X-Road and help to enable smooth development of the X-Road by supporting and communicating with the X-Road core and community developers.

Applications in English, enclosing a curriculum vitae, should be sent through the application form by 24th November 2017. Please include your salary request and preferred location of work (Tallinn or Helsinki).

Further information is available from the CEO of NIIS: Ville Sirviö, +372 7130 801,


We offer an operating environment that is unique even by international standards and the opportunity to influence the development of digital society not only in Estonia and Finland but possibly also globally.

The Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is an
association founded jointly by Finland and Estonia. Its mission is to
develop e-governance solutions, kicking off with the X-Road technology
used nationwide in the Estonian public administration and in the Data Exchange Layer service.

is both a network and cooperation platform, and executioner of IT
developments in members’ common interests. The institute focuses on
practical collaboration, sharing of experience and promoting innovation.
The operating model of the institute is something quite unique in the

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