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Sales Specialist @ Pressable

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Pressable, a leading provider of WordPress hosting, is looking for driven individuals to join our remote team as a Sales Specialist. This is an outbound sales position. Compensation is salary plus commission. In addition to strong technical sales skills, you’ll need a working knowledge of WordPress to succeed in this role.

Requirements for this role include:

An Sales Specialist should have the following skills and experiences:

Preference will be shown to candidates with experience selling WordPress at a hosting company or digital agency.

We may invite an applicant to complete a limited-time “trial” project as part of the hiring process. A trial is an opportunity for our team to get hands-on experience working with an applicant and evaluating their work. We pay applicants a standard rate of $15/hour while they work as a contractor to complete their trial project.

We ask everyone who applies to be authorized to work in the United States. When you apply, please provide a detailed description of your past experience in technical sales.

Our benefits our great. You can expect:

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