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PHP Senior Back End Developer (100% Remote Work)

Added Nov 13 from StackOverflow Careers

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This is a 100% remote position. We prefer to hire people from Europe and Asia because of team collaboration, all of our current dev team is in Asia or Europe and so it is unlikely (although not impossible) that we will hire in north or south america.

 You will be working from home with mostly flexible hours although you will need to attend the team meeting which is at approximately 8:30am GMT and to work for 3 hours after this time for team collaboration (This is 3:30am to 6:30am New York time, so you can see that’s the reason we are not likely to hire in north, central or south america).


You will be working in a team of around 10 other developers. You primary areas of work will be:

  • Building and maintaining external integrations with partners through different communication protocols - REST / SOAP etc …

  • Integrations with Zapier

  • Working on queue management back-end solutions helping these integrations to operate properly

  • Working on developing back-end modules / services part of the whole product infrastructure

  • Working with databases with millions of records and hundreds of thousands of requests per day.

  • You are going to get involved into continuous integration processes, different branching models for version control and strict coding standards.

  • Work on highly scalable cloud infrastructure including multiple instances connected by load balancers for traffic distribution


    Experience or knowledge how Amazon services like EC2, RDS, CloudFront work is a plus

    To apply for this job, you MUST apply in this link and  make sure you answer the questions and attach your UPDATED resume.

    NOTE: ONLY those who apply in the application link and email the requirements will be accepted.

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