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DevOps Engineer

Added Nov 11 from WeWorkRemotely

node devops docker mobile nginx cloud ux linux analytics big data rabbitmq

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Headquarters: Jubail Industrial, Saudi Arabia


About Numrah:

We simply develop mobile applications that matter, and we are currently working in the social and financial industry.

With millions of users using our services, we are continuously striving to deliver the best UX for our users through continuous apps development or by delivering new apps which we think the users will really like.

We believe that even though there are a lot of apps out there, the world still lacks fascinating apps that care the most about user experience and privacy and here where our future DevOps is going to play a significant role by providing reliable and high performing services.

In this position, you will:

Required Skills:

Will be nice to have in addition to the required skills:

Note: our timezone is GM+3, so we are looking for someone whose time zone is from GMT+0 to GMT+6

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