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UX Designer @ Modus Create

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Hello Designer, does this sound like you? People describe you as a generalist, but you have your specialties. You could run a design project from start to finish, but you nerd out when it comes to a specific craft like visual design or ethnographic research. You also value soft skills. For you, over-communicating and project planning are essential to any project’s success. Selling your designs is second nature to you, because you design with intent. And pretty deliverables mean nothing to you unless you ship a product that moves the needle.

You design fast — keyboard shortcuts are your poor fingers’ best friends. You know when to lean on existing patterns and when to create something fresh. And you understand the difference between innovating and copying. To you, perfectionism is a dirty 13 letter word that has no place in design.

You accept that most companies follow a wonky design process, and that’s why they need your help. You believe that teaching is actually the perfect way to stay up to date on your craft. You preach that user experience is more than just what you see on the screen. The most frequent word in your vocabulary arsenal is “Why?” You’re as good at understanding problems as you are at solving them.

This is a contract role. It may be performed from a remote location. This role requires a level of effort estimated at 40 hours per week.

Your Responsibilities

Required Experience

​Let’s Talk About Us

Modus Create is a Product Studio offering consulting services and SaaS products for strategic planning, design and execution of web-based and mobile products. We work across multiple industries with Fortune 1000, ISVs, and startups to validate, plan and launch new products. Headquartered in Reston, VA, we are a bootstrapped team that has grown from 2 to 100 people in 26 countries in 6 years, committed to building the best product consulting firm on the planet. We offer a highly collaborative, autonomous and effective working environment. We love and believe in what we do. This is your chance to be part of building something great.

Why Modus Create

Do you have what it takes to join the DC area's most awesome tech company? Let’s start a conversation.

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