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UX Infographic Designer for Interactive Website

Added Oct 11 from WeWorkRemotely

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Headquarters: Raleigh


Note 1:  This is a short, strategic design project, not a long-term job.

Note 2: We are open to freelancers working remotely, but prefer those who are fluent in English and who's work hours overlap the eastern U.S.

Project Brief:
We have a COMPLEX process we seek to illustrate through the compelling use of interactive infographics.  The infographics will be used to navigate through a detailed guidebook with over 20K written words.  The illustrations will also be used throughout the guide book to amplify complex interactions and processes to ensure understanding.

The ideal freelancer for this project has the following skills:

1 - Killer UX / Web / Product Design skills... By UX we don't mean UI or pure visual design skills... we mean someone who understands the user experience and how to present complex information in a way that is approachable, intuitive, and motivates the user to explore further.

2 - Illustration skills - we need someone who has a range of visual illustration skills including flat line drawing, and organic / quirky.

3 - Art Direction - we need someone who can work from a concept and our detailed content and "make sense" of how best to conceive and illustrate the required visuals in a way that convey important ideas BEYOND THE LEVEL OF GENERAL CONCEPT OR IDEA.

Example Website:
The following website is ONLY an example of the what we mean when we say we want to use a strong visual, infographic style of communication and navigation to communicate a large volume of complex information.

What we are NOT looking for:

We are NOT seeking a wordpress "implementor", or wordpress theme "customizer" 

To apply:

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