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Kalles Group

Security Engineer - Cloud E-Commerce Platforms

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Why would you apply to a boring old job with an E-commerce platform group supporting application development teams?  Well, this e-commerce job is about more than coffee, defining "analog" to the sales guy, and endless fuzzy soap operas in the break room on our square 32-inch TV from 1997. 

For one thing, we are building Infrastructure as a Code to support our dev teams all over the world, so your work is not limited to a single set of applications or development environments. For another thing, we don't block developers, we provide them rinse and repeat solutions to bring their development pipelines into newer, better infrastructure and monitoring environments. Lastly, no jerks get onto our team, if you are a jerk go flame someone on a forum and stop reading.

The Security Engineer - Cloud E-Commerce Platforms will be joining the death-star powerful Cloud Platform Engineering Team.  We are a team of 15-20 building loosely coupled but smartly designed parity of services for enterprise-wide adoption.  We are also given the freedom to use technology available nowhere else in our enterprise.  

In this role you will be partnering closely with developers, infrastructure engineers, and operations engineers, building secure functionality into our Cloud platforms and DevOps environments.  You will likely be interacting regularly (sometimes daily) with numerous AWS services, Docker, Ansible, Terraform (deploying to cloud and on-premise infrastructure), Layer-7 (Web Application) Firewalls, conducting security monitoring, and supporting the team with decisions on how to develop their projects securely.

The Security Engineer - Cloud E-Commerce Platforms will be working with a team building next-generation infrastructure of a globally-used mobile app containing hundreds of millions value in gift cards, and producing thousands of transactions every minute.

Skills & Requirements

Skills & Requirements

Kalles Group is a Seattle Security, Business, and Technology consulting firm on a mission to redefine professional services with the human workplace. Our subject-matter expert engagement teams are built to succeed, aligning diverse career paths to bear on pressing business and technology challenges as we serve as a platform to become something better through your work.

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