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Customer Success Engineer - iOS/Android/JS

Added Oct 11 from StackOverflow Careers

javascript java rest intern android ios objective-c customer success engineer success engineer

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Are you interested in mapping the inside of every building on the planet?  So are we!

LocusLabs ( is a venture backed San Francisco based startup focused on indoor mapping and location services.  After gaining significant traction in the travel industry providing interactive maps of the world's largest airports to several marquee customers, we are now setting our sights on the rest of the planet.

A big part of making that happen is to make sure our customers have everything they need to succeed.  To that end, we are looking for a developer to work with our customers to understand their use cases and technical requirements then provide them with the support they need.  Our SDK products span iOS, Android and web, so knowledge of Java, Objective-C and JavaScript is critical.  Given our worldwide customer base, fluency in multiple languages is beneficial.

Does the prospect of being able to learn a multitude of new technologies, languages and platforms excite you?  Are you interested in traveling the world building relationships with our global customer base?  Do you work well on a team and have excellent verbal and written communication skills?

If you said yes to one or more of those, we want you on our team!

Our goal is to hire the best people possible regardless of physical location and/or work schedules, so we are open to telecommuting and flexible time schedules.



LocusLabs provides the platform and tools that enable apps to be location-aware on a micro level.

LocusLabs is going a level deeper than existing mapping solutions. We are mapping not only places, but people, products and things using technology that scales. We take painstaking effort to ensure we are creating an indoor location experience that is actually useful to people - not just a set of app features.

We build maps that matter.

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