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PPC ad copy and Landing Page Writer ($80k)

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Headquarters: Austin, TX


Are you an ad copy and landing page wordsmith who consistently delivers high converting copy that is levels above your peers? Are you easily bored and excited by the prospect of writing ad copy for over 50 SaaS products and constantly iterating and experimenting? If you’re looking to join a scaling rocketship on the ground floor while working from the comfort of your home office or favorite coffee shop with people from around the globe, this role is for you.

Aurea Software is a rapidly growing enterprise software company that delivers transformative customer experience through a variety of world class software products.  With the recent acquisition of Jive Software, the Aurea team now includes 2,000 employees across 5 continents and a roster of over 4,000 customers, including Disney, British Airways, and Apple – all of whom use Aurea technology to engage employees and customers to create meaningful and transformative experiences.

Aurea’s growth strategy has focused on acquisition growth coupled with organic growth driven through the installed base.  Aurea is currently building and scaling a world-class new customer acquisition capability using a combination of traditional enterprise software sales and the latest inbound/outbound marketing techniques

Team-specific background

The team you will be joining is tasked with building the inbound portion of this new customer acquisition capability. Currently the team is working with six different products and is ramping to over fifty products in the next two years. To generate these MQLs, the team produces PPC ads, landing pages, websites, and content which attract MQLs into our funnel. This role will need to be handle complexity: not only are we operating across 6 different products, but we launch 3 campaigns per product targeting differentiated personas with unique messaging. Additionally, we aggressively test and iterate our copy and design to yield the maximum return.

Job Description

Qualifications and Key Selection Criteria

Core skills and capabilities

Behavioral characteristics

Work history/experience

Compensation is $80k/year ($40/hour)

Time: Full time (40 hours/week)

Offer: 1099 if outside the US and W2 if within US

Location: Global (remote)

To apply, we request the completion of pre-interview work assignment – a thoughtful response to which will require investing 1-2 hours of preparation time.  We find both the willingness to invest this time – coupled with the insights we derive from the answers – help us find the truly capable and passionate candidates. Candidates who demonstrate excellence in these responses will be contacted for final interviews.

To apply: Please apply via this link:

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