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Tobii AB

Senior rendering expert - develop foveated rendering for eye tracking

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Looking to transform the realms of computer graphics? Driven by innovation and carry a deep interest in technology? Curious about eye tracking and how it can be used to revamp the rendering pipeline in desktop and VR? Want to be part of the change? Great, so do we!

Tobii Gaming is looking for a rendering expert to strengthen the team’s initiatives in foveated rendering; a technique to optimize the rendering pipeline based on the user’s gaze position. In this role, you will explore current and next generation graphics hardware and game engines, build prototypes and integrate our technology into existing games for both desktop and VR.

You will be based in Stockholm, but part of the job will be carried out on-site with our partners and gaming studios around the globe.


We think that you have deep knowledge of shaders, advanced lighting, texturing and rendering techniques as well as strong math and geometry skills.

We want to solve the foveated rendering puzzle and we believe that you are the one to help us!

Apply through our website, LinkedIn easy apply, or by sending an email to

We welcome you to our Stockholm Headquarter, to a friendly but still ambitious work environment where you will be innovating and improving eye gaze interaction.

The result of your work could be as cool as this and this!

Polish up your CV and send it to us as soon as possible through our website together with your personal letter and maybe links to project you have been involved in (GitHub project links, links to source code archives etc. are perfect).

Working at Tobii

Tobii offers a dynamic environment with fast growing teams of driven and flexible individuals, who thrive on challenges and responsibility. Working at Tobii is like being in the heart of innovation. We invent and develop high-technology products and we always strive to create cutting edge technology. The world of Tobii is largely about developing and selling new technology and products. This means that Tobii offers a wide range of opportunities to its current and future employees. It also means that you will meet a mix of people with different profiles and personalities who create an open and compelling work environment.

At Tobii we love what we do - we work hard, play hard, and make every day exciting. Learn more about what we do by visiting our Youtube channel

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