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Nimble Labs

Ridiculous Front-end Developer

Added Oct 10 from WeWorkRemotely

javascript ruby rails java css front-end backend git dba d3

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Headquarters: Austin, TX


We are looking for a highly proficient Front-end developer to help us build out a modern data visualization/reporting tool.  You need to be ridiculously good.

If you have built great software in the past, but would like to help with a product you can say is the absolute best thing you have ever created, I'd love to speak with you.

You must be:

  • Smart

  • Gets things done kind of person

  • Humble/open-minded

  • Experience and Expertise We’re Looking For

    Key Requirements

    Bonus points

    This is an opportunity to join a team early and have a high impact.

    To apply: To apply send a resume or a link to your LinkedIn and/or Github account to
    Also please send any public samples of your work or something you've created that you are proud of.

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