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Mobile App Developer for Healthcare (iOS and/or Android)

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CareEvolution's Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform creates better patient outcomes. Our exchanges ingest clinical data from a wide variety of sources - claims, admissions, orders, labs etc. - and supply interfaces by which client applications can consume, modify, and aggregate that data in all sorts of interesting ways.

Mobile healthcare applications have become critical channels by which patients and caregivers interact with their clinical data - as evidenced by Apple's release of the Health app, HealthKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit - all of which CareEvolution integrates with in depth.  CareEvolution's exchange platform affords mobile developers the opportunity to do extremely interesting things with that unified data: the visualization of patient data, the analysis and promotion of the meaningful understanding of that data, analysis of patient records for the dispatch of health alerts to patients and caregivers -- the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Our recent iOS apps:

One of our Android apps:

We're looking for talented, self-motivated developers with mobile programming experience to help us develop the next generation of cool patient and provider-facing iOS and Android healthcare apps - and to help us solve one of the most important societal issues of our time: the modernization of our health IT infrastructure.

Skills & requirements

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CareEvolution makes a Health Information Exchange (HIE) software platform and applications that run atop that platform. Our software helps healthcare providers and patients make better decisions faster. We're looking for talented mobile software engineers to join our team in solving some of the most difficult problems in HIE.

CareEvolution's platform is used in five statewide exchanges in the US, as well as many more large regional exchanges.  We also have other large public and private exchange networks, as well as health plan exchanges in active deployment.

Our team is quite small - and all of us are technical people. We maintain a strong start-up/hacker culture. CareEvolution has partnered with a few large companies with relationships in all 50 states - and beyond - to supply a large portion of our sales and marketing efforts.  Our software is recognized by leading industry analysts as the most technologically sophisticated HIE on the market - by a significant margin.

We are focused and execute very quickly. But we also have a lot of fun - regular visits to the bar, daily ping pong games, boardgame nights in the office, hackathons every eight weeks for pet projects, biannual company-wide get-togethers, rock climbing nights, disc golf days, karaoke... etc. We are also a very family-friendly organization. We have constant, active teleconference for all of our remote employees (all remote people must live somewhere in the US or Canada) - which comprise about two thirds of the CareEvolution team.

Check out our company page to the right, and visit for more information on what we do.

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