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Senior Infrastructure (AWS) Engineer

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Headquarters: Bedford, UK


This role is for an experienced infrastructure engineer who knows AWS through and through. You will be looking forward to a chance to manage global applications with the most demanding throughput, to our client base of thousands of companies around the world.

The main web application is supported by a dozen or so infrastructure/utility webapps and APIs. Everything is hosted on AWS (Beanstalk, RDS/Mysql/Aurora, EC2, S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, SNS, CloudWatch, IAM, Route53, Lambda). 

To support development/build/deploy we favour Atlassian tools: Jira, Confluence, BitBucket, HipChat and Bamboo for continuous integration. The ideal candidate will have experience of taking advantage of the tight integration between these systems.

Our configuration change management happens through CloudFormation, supported some Clojure scripts. Familiarity with Clojure would be seen as plus, but any candidate would need to demonstrate the ability to pick up an unfamiliar language/technology and get up-to-speed enough to manage/debug the existing scripts.

Your job will include responsibility for our three parallel replica environments (dev, staging and production), maintaining responsiveness and uptime while working to improve security and scalability across the board.

You will be joining a core team of three full time developers (one in the UK, two in Spain), supported by one or two contractors.

A day in the life working for would include several of video hangouts with the CTO, cross checking your work with him and other colleagues via chat / video, working to weekly deadlines, rolling out continuously to our mirror AWS dev environment. We are a remote team, but also encourage team meet ups and travel. We would expect you to be constantly reading up and getting excited about trying out new technologies, helping out with the inevitable production firefight, getting the satisfaction of incrementally transforming the whole technology structure of our product, working direct with the customers to help solve their problems.

This will be your job. Look at the requirements below - we're happy with strong transferable skills in any of these technologies as long as you can convince us it will get the job done.

Skills & Requirements

Please note: We are actively looking for engineers able to work from Spain, UK or US. 

To apply: apply via our jobs page:

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