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Software Architect, SDN

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Elisa Software Services department is responsible for development of Elisa’s online and emerging services, like Elisa Viihde, and Elisa Kirja. We are developing many other services too and are launching new products all the time. We use user-centric design methods and want to produce experiences in our customers’ everyday life.

Do you approach programming with a passion and want to get to direct development work in line with your own vision? Do you have a mastery of different kinds of modern development environments and solve even large problems in an agile manner? Do you know Java like the back of your hand and are APIs a run-of-the-mill thing for you? Are you always ready to try out something new and can easily take new technologies on board? If you recognised yourself, there could be a fantastic place for you in our team, where the pace is quick but work is always done with a twinkle in the eye.

Job description

We’re looking for a new architect for the Elisa Software Services team to work together with our talented software specialists.

Your main project would be designing and implementing a SDN related end-to-end orchestration system for fixed network. This complex system requires skills from networking, data integration, architectural design and strong coding experience.

In the job, you can use your skills in a creative and versatile way right at the heart of our company. You can get to make systems choices independently and direct development work in the right direction in line with your own vision.

What to expect? Flexibility comes with responsibility. We believe in giving employees freedom to choose the best way to perform their tasks. You'll never be alone. We got each others' back, and we constantly learn from each other, seniors and juniors working alongside.

The development is done in Pasila Helsinki.

What we expect from you

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Additional information

You can get additional information about the job from Jarkko Järvinen (OCX/Architecture), and Tommi Berg (Software Production) /045 670 0430

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company that employs some 4300 professionals and serves 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers. In 2017, Elisa ranked among the best places to work in Finland, which we are incredibly proud of. We promote sustainable digitalization by continuously improving the reliability, safety, availability and climate impact of our services. Our people are super talented. We work in teams consisting of design, technology and business professionals. We are keen to learn new things by experimenting new technologies and studying users practices - meanwhile having amazing time and fun together. Learn more about Elisa and why we love working here at

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