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Wordpress Developer

Added Aug 12 from StackOverflow Careers

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WordPress Developer responsible for both backend and frontend development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins. The ideal candidate will provide well-structured and well-documented code and communicate effectively with other members of the development team.The individual should have a strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems.

Roles/ Responsibilities:

Required Skills:

Diamond Web Services, a DTLA-based digital agency, is seeking experienced Lead JavaScript Developers to join our team. Our clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies with a diverse set of problems and products. We take on some interesting & challenging projects that are often HIGHLY visible in the public space.

You’ll work on cutting edge React applications, collaborate with back-end developers to design REST APIs, prototype proof of concepts, build libraries from scratch, solve complex UI challenges, interface with various third party platforms, and help determine the best of the modern tools for our clients.

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