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PingYo Inc.

Front-End Web and App Software Engineer

Added Aug 11 from StackOverflow Careers

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We are starting up a few new online trading styles and require experienced software engineers to build public front-end web properties, business user and customer portals, CRM solutions, mobile apps (e.g. iOS, and Android), and other user experience-focused solutions. We are pursuing a highly distributed architecture using standard protocols, machine-learning, and analytically driven processes. New developers will have the opportunity to help define the ground-up technical architecture and help steer the market-focus of select product. Although this is a front-end experience position, developers are encouraged to participate in the design and development of the wider systems, technologies, etc. The solutions to be developed are expected to support multiple market-regions, spoken-languages, time-zones, and more...  

Skills & Requirements

We are a small private development group made up of contributing members from the UK, Ireland, and the USA. We develop solutions in a variety of areas ranging from wholly owned companies and trading styles to entities we have a shared stake in. Most products operate in the financial sector with new additions targeting other sectors. We create highly nuanced capabilities so UI/UX concerns are given special consideration.

We fully embrace professionals who prefer (or require) to work remotely. With this comes lots of flexibility in day-to-day schedules allowing our team members to maintain a work-life balance that suites their individual needs. While some core operating hours are required to facilitate online SCRUMs, etc… individuals will be able to manage most of their schedule on their own

Architectural and design processes are relatively fluid with emphasis on pattern before any discussion of named (or brand-specific) technologies.  The development teams are expected to operate within transparent processes using well-established agile methodologies. The team can define some of this for themselves but are expected to establish shared solutions for Continue Integration, Continuous Deployment, publicly accessible backlogs, visible burn-downs on commitment, etc. Business stakeholders have gated periods when they can influence, change, or approve/disapprove various units of work.

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