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Trust Science Inc.

Senior Data Engineer

Added Aug 12 from StackOverflow Careers

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Do you have Machine Learning experience as well as a love for data infrastructure skills? Do you have a solid grasp of statistics and higher-order math? Are you “neurologically diverse”? Have you ever focused on creating high-value technology in the middle of the chaos of a small, rapidly-growing company? Can you say that you hit specs on time, every time, and “on quality”?

This position involves both architecture and programming. It primarily involves the rapid integration and analysis of **both** traditional/structured data and non-traditional/unstructured data sources to accomplish model building and machine learning…all toward generating predictive analytics about people.

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If you have the risk tolerance to join a young company on the ground floor, then let's do this!

Don't bother giving us character references from friends or peers. It will be much more impressive if you get your prior supervisors (and, also, their boss...i.e. your boss's boss) to pitch you to us. We’d especially like it if you have worked for owner-managers in the past. Tell why we need you on our team.

If you have any work product that you're proud of--e.g. a difficult problem that you solved--throw in a link to a project or code snippet. Or give us your Stack Overflow or Git alias.

Our CEO looks forward to hearing from you!...he's eager to build another major, world-class team, which he and his brother have done before. Check our “About” page where you’ll also see the immediately-prior CFO of Facebook: who is an investor and advisor to the CEO.

Trust Science has over 20 patents in 6 countries, with many more pending. We are innovating a brand new way to think about people, starting with intelligent search and moving all the way through to building social graphs and geo-activity heat maps.

We are short on time, so everything needs to happen “yesterday” given how fast this space is moving and given how demanding (and big) our opportunities are!  Our main competitor was global—at least they were, until they very recently got bought out by a household name, multi-billion$ player. Now it’s our turn to! Our mission is an important one = help people who can’t get credit or who are under-banked like Millennials and immigrants. We help businesses to see the best in everyone by digitizing their trustworthiness.

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