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Intermediate Software Developer

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Why FuneralTech?

This is not your average software position. You’ll be developing solutions used by funeral homes all over the world to help people through the most difficult times in their lives.  What you create will have a positive influence on a global scale.

We’re growing fast and there are a lot of opportunities to have a real impact. Want to eventually move into DevOps? There is an opportunity for that. Want to move into an architect role at some point?  No problem!  Have an idea that you think is great and will help our clients? We want to hear it.

The coding standards, technology and processes we use belong to the dev team, and we allow the dev team to have a say.  Nobody wants to work in an environment in which they have no control.  Our developers are responsible for the quality of our software, so they have input into our processes.


Our number one priority is quality. We know all too well how painful it is to be responsible for a badly written piece of software. This is why we:

Continuously improve and refine our processes.

Job Description

As an intermediate developer, you’ll work alongside industry professionals and experienced senior developers to create web-based software solutions for the funeral home industry. The quality of our software is of the utmost importance. As such, we are seeking candidates that take pride in what they develop, while continually striving to improve the quality of their work and expand their skillset.

FuneralTech is a leading technology provider to the death care industry. We provide website and data management solutions to funeral homes on a global scale, with clients in North America, Australia, and Europe.

We’re honored to serve the death care industry. From our project management team through to our developers, we place a huge emphasis on providing an exceptional experience to our clients.

Although we operate on a global scale, we're an active participant in our community. While software is our product, our primary focus is always on people and the quality of our offerings. Whether it's our team, our community, our clients, or our clients' clients, we strive to be thoughtful, practical, and impactful with tools we create.

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