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Senior Java Developer (Remote)

Added Aug 11 from StackOverflow Careers

javascript java css front-end backend back-end angular vagrant salt mysql postgresql

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IdeaScale, offers a unique opportunity for talented, passionate, and highly-creative engineers to have a wide-ranging impact on our organization's products, operations, and services.  We're looking for developers who are passionate about writing great software, have a love for solving difficult problems, enjoy learning about new technologies and contributing to products used by millions.

If you:

Have knowledge of writing robust and reliable systems

Can ensure performance, quality and security aspects while building a product that delivers an awesome user experience

Enjoy discussing innovative ideas and code with your peers, coming up with great product solutions, and passing on your knowledge to others

Then we are the place for you!

What you will do:

Engage with other developers, front-end designers, product managers, and performance engineers

Liaise with technical leads and architects to promote great software design and quality

Drive innovation by coming up with new and surprising ideas for our products and processes

Develop awesome new features front-end to backend as part of a team

Point out issues with the existing architecture and code, and clean it up

Work with some of the latest technology hotness (like vagrant, packer, salt, etc)

What we expect from you:

Excellent understanding and working knowledge of Java

Deep architectural understanding of web applications

Good knowledge in some back-end technologies such as Spring, JPA, ElasticSearch, SQL(PostgreSQL or MySQL)

Knowledgeable on common Internet security issues and the OWASP top 10

Excellent debugging skills and attention to detail

Superior creative and innovative problem-solving skills

Initiative, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team

Excellent communication skills with fluent English (both written and spoken forms)

Preferred skills:

Knowledge of some of the standard front-end technologies such as CSS (such as Bootstrap), JavaScript (such as JQuery and Angular), REST and JSON

Knowledge of open-source libraries, tools, and frameworks, e.g. for logging (such as log4j) , wiring, testing (such as TestNG and Selenium), and building (such as Gradle). The more the merrier!

Solid understanding of authentication and/or authorization solutions (e.g., OAuth, SSO, etc)

Excitement for the latest trends in application design

Experience with agile software development methodologies like XP and Scrum

Interest in learning more about new languages and frameworks

Demonstrated passion for ML and/or data science

Strong algorithmic knowledge and/or experience with distributed systems

From Senior Developers we additionally expect the following super-powers:

Broad knowledge and understanding of the industry

Wide experience of successful and failed projects

Ability to slice and dice problems so they can be worked on by several people

Desire and ability to mentor junior developers

Relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude

Experience with Micro-Services.

Experience of Experience in multi-tiered distributed systems, web services, APIs, and relational & NoSQL databases

5 to 10 years (or more) in a professional development role

What we can offer you:

The opportunity to grow with like minded individuals

Private medical healthcare

Generous PTO


Flexible work hours

IdeaScale prides itself on both a  unique benefits package and an atmosphere of collaboration and entertainment. This means that we embrace  a flexible work model while still preserving high company profitability standards.

Individuals that join our team should be enthusiastic advocates of innovation, crowdsourcing, and organizational change management.

We also have a passion for Tetris, an office drone, Tesla test drives, special guests, arm wrestling matches, artisanal ice cream, standing work stations, and an appreciation for tasty APIs.

IdeaScale currently has offices in Washington D.C., Berlin, Tokyo, and is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. We are part of a global coworking space and have the option to work from 193 Office Locations in 50 Cities worldwide.

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