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Front-end Developer @ Modifly

Added Aug 11 from

javascript node java html css front-end angular coffeescript haml designer scala

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Earnest, hardworking, thorough, and very efficient in completing the work at hand and you DON’T fight traffic everyday only to be chained to your boring cubicle?

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This is a full-time role with 75% employee paid health insurance, an Open vacation policy, and fully remote. Work hours must have a minimum of 4 hour overlap with Central time zone.

We are:

Modifly is comprised of some of the most talented thinkers, designers, and developers from across the country. We are a collective without walls and without limits.

Our family of agencies specialize in the creation of scalable brand experiences and sustainable businesses. Modifly | Accomplice | Captive | DSNxMFG | Venture Racket

The ethos, It’s Worth Doing Right, is the way we work. This is our shared purpose. It’s what you deserve. We passionately believe that if you are going to do something, it’s worth doing right.

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