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Tesera Systems Inc.

Senior Product Manager

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Headquarters: Calgary, AB



We require a uniquely talented and self motivated Senior Product Manager to join our team at Tesera!  Each day you will lead key products and mentor our team in developing consistent product management processes and procedures.  You will connect with clients, gather input and manage releases, features, tasks and requirements.  You will push the design and development team to achieve more and bring your own ideas to the table.  We strive to become the  preferred consulting team for creating data driven applications and integrations in the cloud.  

You will support a dynamic team of developers, designers and data scientists while having more time to pursue your passions.  We think we can help make your job easy by running an agile management process that our clients love, by working on a modern application stack based on Amazon Web Services, by providing clients with differentiating User Experiences built on modern web-technology, and by adding value to application investments through expert integration and middleware.  

You will work remotely, have flexible work hours and help us create meaningful and profitable products. We pride ourselves in learning new technologies and applying that learning to improve the products we create for ourselves and our clients.

Does this sound like the job for you?

Our client base and number of projects are growing, and you will be vital to leading and mentoring our other product managers and cementing our processes and procedures. You will help us develop standard project management tools and documents for use by the whole team and share your knowledge and experience with the other managers. You will also be managing products of your own, which typically involves acting as the point of contact for the client, ensuring the clients needs are met along the way, managing a team of designers, developers, and data scientists, ensuring the project stays on track and on budget, and most of all ensuring we are delivering an extraordinary product to the client. We have developed many ongoing relationships with our clients over the years and you will help us continue to nurture and grow those relationships.

We are particularly looking for experience in building a product and getting it to market. We are a smaller team trying to push ourselves to the next level, and we require your help to do so. We are especially looking for someone who has worked on smaller teams and we want to invest in your experience.






Your responsibilities will include:

Who are we looking for?

Tesera is an emerging technology company focusing on three business lines.  Our primary business lines are as follows:

Professional Services has always been a focus for Tesera.  We help our clients implement products in areas such as open data, data management through visualization and analysis, data science, commercial product development and geospatial solutions.  In the past year our Professional Services teams have completed a variety of products including building the SaaS platform for an award winning energy services asset management startup, building a set of citizen science mobile monitoring apps, building a new way to share environmental monitoring data, building a sophisticated automated data quality control pipeline for the forest sector, creating a portal for biodiversity monitoring data, and delivering a series of applications to support the Fort McMurray wildfire recovery and leading recovery and aid charities in Canada.  Helping us build and expand this core service area will be your primary responsibility.  

Our second business line is in the adaption to climate change space.  Tesera has worked with a key industry associations to build a risk assessment tool that will support and assist municipalities in discovering asset vulnerabilities.  Tesera is commercializing this product which employs a spatial machine learning approach.  We break the landscape down into thousands of spatial indicators which can then be modeled to determine their influence on event outcomes such as infrastructure failures.  We have a lot of work to do here to bring this to a commercial product offering and we are very excited about doing it.  

High Resolution Inventory Service  (HRIS) is our third business area.  HRIS enables our clients who manage landscapes to have a higher level of resolution and accuracy that they’ve ever had before.  HRIS combines LiDAR, colour infrared imagery, climate indices, terrain indices and ground plot data via machine learning processes to predict attributes about the landscape.  The types of information that can be generated from HRIS are far-ranging from types and quality of timber resources to locations of streams, potential wildlife habitat and amount of carbon sequestration.  The HRIS solution, creates attributes across an  entire landscape creating an inventory that has more useful attributes and is at a more detailed resolution than other approaches available today.  

“We disrupt conventional thinking to expand what is possible.

We ignite change in the future we share.”

Accountability:  We hold ourselves, and each other accountable for all we do.

Communication:  We communicate openly and honestly. We listen.  Each is heard and considered.  We share feedback and express gratitude.

Community:  We contribute and lead within communities that empower and inspire us.

Design and Innovation:  We craft elegant solutions using beautiful ideas and innovation.

Fiscal:  We are responsible for our fiscal health and vitality.     

Fun:  We are the spark that triggers awesome.

Health, Fitness and Balance:   Space-Time is ours to define.  We bend work to balance our lives.

Personal Development:   We are driven to learn.  We push each other to expand our horizons.

Relationships:   We build trusting relationships.

Sustainability:  We act in relentless pursuit of a sustainable future.

To apply: Please send along the following to Mandy Ferrari at
A Résumé - what have you done?
A Cover Letter - how can you help Tesera? How does Tesera’s purpose align with you?
Preference will be given to candidates located in Canada.

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