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Teamwork Projects Software Developer

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javascript java html css front-end back-end vagrant docker mysql mobile full stack

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Job Description

Our Technical Stack

Don't be deterred if you are not familiar with everything in our tech stack or if you feel as though you are stronger in one area than another. We believe that a passionate and talented developer can learn new practices and technologies. Similarly, we don't place a lot of importance on educational background - as a developer your experience, portfolio, and abilities are key, not your grades :). We do need to see some experience of working in web development and creating or contributing to web applications. 

Our entire team works daily with HTML, CSS/LESS, JavaScript (particularly Knockout.js),RESTful APIs, and integrations, and so, experience in full stack web development is important. However, if you are particularly skilled in front-end developent or you are a highly experienced back-end developer, we'd love to hear from you.

More Info

Teamwork Projects is our flagship product and is used by many of the world's biggest companies, with over 370,000 installations, two million daily users and more than three million unique projects. Despite the vast array of features available in Teamwork Projects, it has been built entirely by a small team of talented developers. We pride ourselves on giving our users what they need and are constantly working on new features and improvements for our customers.

By joining our team, you can be assured not only that your work will be seen and enjoyed by millions of users worldwide, but that you will learn and grow continuously, in a friendly, open environment.

We care about all our teams, and they care about when their teammates will be online, what their timezone is and where they will be working from. When you apply we will ask you about where you intend to work from. We will also ask you whether or not you are open to considering spending some time in our Irish office, if you would like to work remotely, if you would like to relocate or if you're already here and ready to start work at Teamwork HQ in Cork, Ireland.

Must Have:

JavaScript: Much of your work is front-end focused and customer-facing, so it's important that you are confident in your abilities and able to contribute to new and existing features. While we work in Knockout.js, it isn't pivotal that you are experienced in any particular framework, although knowledge of any popular MV* framework is hugely beneficial.

Coding best practicesWe work closely as a team on many features, so writing clean and extensible code is a must. Your code should be easy to debug, while you code, you consider the impact your work has on other developers, the product in general, and our testing department.

RESTful API experience: We currently have an extensive API, which is constantly evolving and growing. Therefore, experience in designing and/or integrating with APIs is extremely important to us. Our application is data-driven, so you should be aware of how to work with large collections of data while maintaining a great user experience.

The right attitude: We want you to take as much pride in your work as we do and strive to find the right solutions for our customers. The right applicant should be able to think on his or her feet and adapt to new technologies.

Help us grow and improve: At, we are always open to new ideas and, more importantly, open to change. We are aware that new technologies and approaches will come along that need to be embraced. As a Developer, your voice rings loud and, if you know of ways that we can improve, we want to hear your ideas.

Nice to Have:


Build tools: Gulp, Grunt, Lineman.js, etc.

Front-end testing 

Go/ColdFusion: Our API is written in Go and ColdFusion. As we build new features, we often need to update our API. Having experience in either Go or ColdFusion would help you hit the ground running.

Responsive/Adaptive applications: Having experience in building responsive or adaptive web applications is a big plus.

Samples of your work: Do you contribute to open source communities? Have you developed any plugins, extensions, etc.? Do you have an interactive portfolio? Show us some of your work and let us see what you are capable of. is an online and mobile application that is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses world-wide to help them get work done. Customers include Walt Disney, Forbes, Puma, Harvard and many more. We are based in sunny Cork, Ireland but also have staff scattered throughout the world. 

Check out our Perks and Benefits here.

The business is highly successful with sales heading towards $16m in 2015 and extremely ambitious plans for the future...which could include you!

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