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Senior C# Desktop Developer

Added May 17 from StackOverflow Careers

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Job Description

Working environment

At Recordsure we pride ourselves on our development professionalism, using as many modern practices & tools as suit the things we need to build.

Agile practices are our norm, whilst we organise ourselves on Jira, Confluence and GitHub, keeping in constant daily contact with one-another on Skype.

We love delivering, innovating & collaborating; and support each other in our individual learnings and group challenges.

You will work remotely with periodic visits to your actual users in our Leeds office.

Your first and future projects

You will be working on a leading edge transcription tool, engaging directly with users and stakeholders to refine the design and deliver on expectations. Although you will have relative freedom on technology choices you will be inheriting a strongly WPF focussed application with a C# core, that uses RESTful communication with our backend services.

In addition you will have the opportunity to work on other projects, including Skype command-and-control, video capture integration, desktop/screen recording or helping build some real time streaming capabilities.

About you

You’re a self-starter: a  highly enthusiastic and motivated C# developer used to agreeing design patterns, technology and architecture decisions, coding frameworks and standards with other senior developers.

You will have a solid knowledge in C# 5.0 or above and can have robust discussions about WPF, MVVM, Prism, WCF and its operation contracts and callbacks.

You care about quality: not just in the end product, but also in delivering code that other developers can maintain.

You should be up to speed with modern TDD practices, working in an agile environment, with excellent unit test coverage, and be familiar with continuous integration and deployment practises.

You should have the ability to own a user story from start to finish.

Your skills

Please use the Hacker Rank link to apply for the job. It comprises of some multiple choice questions followed by a coding test. 

Online applicant test

Genuinely the leader in providing face-to-face recording solutions in Financial Services, we have also now started providing solutions to government.

Our new approach to evaluating sales conversations and interviews using Artificial Intelligence is gathering steam - and has enough wow factor to start taking on the $billion companies that provide 'customer contact analytics' - as we have a world class speech, language and data science team and some amazing developers, testers and technical operations experts to wrap it all with product.

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