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Front-end Developer with React/Redux Experience

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Company Overview

Lullabot is a prestigious digital agency doing bleeding edge Drupal and JavaScript development for large entertainment media companies. We deal in ‘big content,’ helping companies like NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and George Lucas Educational Foundation achieve their digital marketing dreams.

Chances are good that working for Lullabot will be like nothing you've ever done before. Lullabot has been a leader in Drupal-focused web development since our founding in 2006. We’re a distributed company without a central office, and we hire the best talent wherever those people may live. Our team is spread out across the US, Canada, and Europe. Most of us work from home. We are masters of communication and our tightly-knit team works closely despite geographical separation. In fact, most new employees say they feel more connected to their co-workers at Lullabot than they ever did at a conventional co-located company.

Lullabot hires humble individuals who strive for excellence and lifelong learning with the ultimate aim of helping others.

Job Summary

We’re hiring a full-time front-end developer with expertise in CSS, JavaScript, and React/Redux application development. This position requires 30 hours per week of client billable work usually dedicated to a single project, and another 10 hours of learning, communicating and making the web a better place for everyone through open source contribution and knowledge sharing.

Responsibilities and Duties

The ideal candidate will be willing and eager to:

A typical day might begin with a Lullabot team call or some written communication time, followed by a project scrum, and then finish with four-to-six hours of writing, testing, and documenting code, usually for a single project.
The chosen candidate will report to the front-end development manager, Sean Lange, and also be accountable to the project manager on their specific project. But fear not, these relationships are not meant to be hierarchical or controlling, but rather mutually beneficial, supporting your development and growth. Also, you won’t find better colleagues to learn from or a more receptive audience to teach.

The chosen candidate must be willing and able to travel, up to one week per month. Also, the candidate must actively participate in communicating with other Lullabots in tickets, Yammer, Slack, through articles, and on calls.
We have flexible hours, but we tend to schedule meetings during the North American workday and expect employees to be online and available during most of this time.

Areas of focus for this position will include:

Technical Qualifications

While some of these qualifications may be aspirational, this list reflects the general skill-level we expect:

JavaScript Knowledge


Benefits and Perks

Lullabot is distributed, but not a "virtual" company. The majority of our workers are full-time employees, and we provide a great benefits package including health, vision, dental, and life insurance; a retirement plan; a generous tech stipend for employees to purchase computers, cell phones, etc.; and a stock options package once you reach your two-year anniversary. We offer new employees 15 paid-days-off per year plus holidays, which goes up to 20 days on your two-year anniversary. And did we mention there's no commute? Your time is flexible as well, so if you're a night-owl and do your best work after dark, or you need to take a break to pick the kids up from school, it's usually not a problem.

Optional Video

As a distributed team, we frequently use video calls and the like to stay connected. This is your first chance to try it out with us! Create a brief (2 min or less) video introducing yourself and talking about your interest and experience for this job. We recommend creating a password protected video on Vimeo, but feel free to choose whatever method suits you best. Take a look at one-of-these-videos to see what some Lullabot employees have submitted in the past.

Salary Range

$65,000 - $85,000
Pay will be commensurate with experience. Full-time, exempt position.

One More Thing…

A quick read through will show you that we grow very deliberately and take our time hiring. Our hiring process can be lengthy because we want to get it right. We try to be transparent about our timeline and welcome you to reach out to and touch base on your application at any time.

Lullabot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or membership in any other class protected by law. Applicants who require reasonable accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process should notify Human Resources at


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